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How Does Red Light Therapy Help With Aging Skin

red light therapy for aging skin
Aging is the inevitable truth of life and brings upon a lot many changes along with it. The very thought on this topic often creates a gloomy surrounding the individual. However, with the advancement of technology, now it has become possible to slow down the process of aging. In scientific terms, certain techniques improvise the cellular health of the skin and keep it glowing even at the age where this process generally starts appearing.

One such method for anti-aging is the procedure of red light therapy. As the name itself is self-explanatory, the process utilizes the wavelength of red light to tackle the different skin conditions like wrinkles, folds, scars, spots, etc. The upcoming content speaks in more detail on the procedure.

A brief intro into Red Light Therapy

The concept of red light therapy is derived from the initial researches that were conducted in 1893 by the scientist Niels Finsen. The works of Finsen showed the effects of light on the skin and gradually narrowed down to the fact that there are certain wavelengths of light that possess skin healing properties. It started with the use of UV light to treat the painful facial lesions, which was then extended to the study of life in plants via red light by NASA and then finally on the effect of red light upon muscles and the blood circulation in the body.

Finally, the particular wavelength composition of the red light was prepared that showed positive results on wound healing, reduction of skin marks like acne, scars, and aging lines, and finally the improvement in the metabolism to keep up the glow of the skin. With this, the commercialization of the procedure began.

So how does it work?

Red Light Therapy works by exposing the required region of the skin to a particular wavelength of the red light. As it is irradiated upon the affected cells, they start a chemical reaction within the powerhouse of the cell to release energy and rejuvenate the cells. As a result of this, the regeneration process begins and slowly the new skin formation covers up the old lines, scars, discoloration, and spots. The transformation is not immediate and takes up some time to show a reliable contrast between the before and after cases.

It is a general misnomer that red light causes harm to the skin by inducing irritation effects. However, these claims do not have any proven base, and rather, it was the UV light that caused side effects. Thus, eventually, it was removed from the therapeutic activities and replaced by the harmless red light.

Health Benefits of Red Light Therapy

From an overall point of view, red light therapy (popularly known as RLT) possesses significant benefits that are not only limited to skincare. The following points elucidate further on the same:

  • The first and foremost effect comes in terms of the improvement of the skin health of the users. Various studies have proved out this rejuvenation via different reasons like:
  • Increased collagen production that imparts enhanced elasticity to the skin
  • Increased blood circulation amongst the different cells and tissues of the skin that ensures adequate nutrient supply
  • Increased count of the fibroblasts that produce the collagen and other tissue fibers to add up on the elasticity properties
  • Improvisation in the process of mRNA creation, which stimulates the cells for increased performance in removing the existing lines and other marks
  • Formation of a protective layer around the skin tissues that eventually aids on making up of the texture and removal of the severity of the wrinkles
  • Another effect of RLT has also been observed in the treatment of acne and removal of the marks generally left behind by them. This problem is generally experienced by the people staying outdoors for a major part of the day and expose themselves sufficiently to the sunlight. As a result, the UV rays act upon the sebaceous glands of the skin to increase the levels of sebum beyond the permissible limits. This excessive sebum gets clogged within the cells and imparts the swellings observed.

But, RLT leads to the red light penetrating deeper into the skin cells and blocking up the production of excessive sebum. These days, the red light is also combined with blue light to tackle the causes of inflammation and irritation that are often complained by some users.

  • As a part of the skincare, the wounds also get healed up in accelerated time and the marks get removed in the process. This is again attributed to the increased production of collagen and fibroblasts that add up the elasticity of the skin and also increased blood circulation that tackles up the inflammation within the cells.
  • RLT has also proven records of alleviating the pain of muscles and pivotal joints that come up during the aging process. With the right dosage of the red light, these pain centers are exposed and the excessive secretion of the pain-causing chemicals is inhibited. This analogy can also be attributed to the fact that the general procedure of RLT is painless and the customers do not experience any such sensation during the entire course.
  • RLT has proved out the potential anti-inflammatory effects and prepares up the cells against such internal reactions. Some of the hospitals in the world implement this procedure at the local regions of the body to check up on the excessive secretion of the pain chemicals.
  • You would also be amazed to know that RLT has partially entered into the field of hair transplant therapies, where minute irradiation on the affected areas leads to the densification of the hair follicles and hence brings up the efficiency in growing up the new hair. Further studies are going up on this aspect and it is yet to be tapped for the complete commercial benefits.

Thus, RLT has shown the effects on both skins as well as other areas of the body.

Any risks involved?

As cleared out previously, the red light used up in the entire therapy is not at all harmful and causes an entirely painless experience to the users. Because of this property, it has successfully countered the effects of the UV ray exposure that is brought upon by the sunlight. However, it is to be carefully noted that sufficient time needs to be given in between two successive RLT sessions. Otherwise, the reduced time between two sessions can cause cell damage and show up the derogatory effects to further worsen the situation.

Opting for the best

After gaining a better insight into the entire procedure of RLT, it can be concluded as one of the effective methods in slowing down the effects of aging and prolonging the existing skin life. To gain these results, it is very necessary to get this treatment done at the best centers that have rich experience and successful history on the previous clients. Therefore, do proper research on the hospital or center that would be opted for the session and take expert advice on the same, before finalizing the choice.

Discuss properly with your doctors on the underlying health condition and how could it possibly affect the results of RLT.

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