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Effective ways For Having Youthful Skin

how to have youthful skin

Who does not want to stay young forever? If women have a Gennie they would ask for a wish to stay youthful and beautiful forever. The market is filled with cosmetics and products to stop aging. Women blind to meet beauty standards set by a society ran behind such money hoarders and make them earn high revenues.

By the above statement, it is not meant that spending on products is stupidity. It conversely, is wise to invest in products that help to manage the skin. Stupidity is to invest blindly. Every product on the internet claims to be best. To have anything on the skin, firstly it is important to know about the texture and type of the skin because the products are made according to skin type. So, once aware of the type of skin it is necessary to research the needs of the skin.

Skin is the most delicate part of the body having seven epidermal layers that need to be nourished thoroughly. Another important factor about skincare products is the age of skin. Especially in women, skincare depends on the age group the need for a teenage skin will never be the same as someone in their 20s already. This may also cause side effects or reactions. Leading to reactions, while researching about the skin and its needs knowing what does not suit the skin is beneficial because this way one can prevent allergies by not using products that may not suit.

After high-end skincare products, the next is surgeries like laser surgeries, UV light therapy, and many others. These surgeries develop good skin initially but have negative effects on the skin in later years. Anyhow there are some natural remedies to keep skin youthful and bright.

Home Remedies for a Visibly Flawless Skin

Papaya and Honey:

Papaya is an excellent anti-oxidant and has inflammatory properties. A very good source of vitamin A it manages to repair damaged cells. It is recommended to eat papaya to have radiant skin. While honey being a good moisturizing agent manages the glow.

Eating both is good but there is an easy DIY for the face that can benefit for good. A thick paste of banana and honey will result in a face mask which when applied works as an excellent exfoliator. It will remove the dead skin cells and provide a natural glow. Papaya also helps in breaking inactive proteins and being low in sodium the skin retains its charm. Honey on the other hand will work to hydrate the skin.

Lemon and Honey:

Lemon being a rich source of vitamin C is excellent for the skin. Consuming lemon regularly rejuvenates the skin. Combining it with honey works to clear blemishes, dark spots and reduce the skin tanning. The honey lemon mask is known to erase acne issues.

Egg Whites:

The egg is an excellent source of protein. Consuming it would work wonders on the skin just like some magic. Keeping the yolk aside just the egg whites help in skin tightening and removing wrinkles. Egg whites are good for people with open-pore issues. This peel-off mask will remove the dead cells and manage to retain the glow.

Rosewater and Glycerin:

It is very popular how rose water works magic on the skin. Its toning properties are the best for the skin. A mixture of rose water and glycerin can be used as a morning or evening toner for a daily glow.

Home DIYs have not ended and there are many possible combinations. These home remedies being natural have no possible side effects. There are some tips for regular use to maintain radiant skin.

10 Golden Rules for Rose Like Skin

Ever since teenage hits, everyone tries to become a skincare expert. Do not drink this, do not eat that, cover your face while out in sun, and many more. So, does this mean everyone is perfect in skincare?

Here are basic tips that if included in daily routine can work wonders on the skin.

Drink Plenty of Water:

Water? What can water possibly do? Most people ignore the importance of water for the body. The daily requirement of the body is at least 8-10 glasses of water. Water retains a natural glow on the face and keeps the body hydrated. It removes toxins from the body and smoothens the texture of the skin.

Avoid Smoking:

Well this is very important. Tobacco is the main reason why skin would age early and pimples and wrinkles would appear soon. Smoking such toxins deteriorate skin elasticity and make it old. Eventually, the glow vanishes and skin becomes dull. It is good to avoid smoking and even best to avoid it.

Develop A Workout Routine:

Engaging the body in physical activities has two benefits. One, it manages to keep the body fit and two, maintaining glowing skin. During the workout, the excessive sweat helps to open clogged pores on the face which will remove all the dust and dirt clogged in them. Exercise lets the skin breathe and shine.

Never Ruin Your Sleep Pattern:

Yes, NEVER RUIN YOUR SLEEP PATTERN, NEVER! Not getting proper sleep results in dull skin and plenty of dark circles around the eyes. It also makes skin puffy and swollen. So, it is advised to take ample sleep of at least 6-8 hours to have healthy skin.


Another DIY? Ha-ha, No! Tomatoes are essential to include in the diet because it has excellent amounts of antioxidants. Even better, have cooked tomatoes. They are the best way to retain youthful skin. Cooked tomatoes are advised rather raw because the body absorbs nutrients best from processed foods.

Green Tea:

Green tea works miracles on the skin. It has active antioxidants to maintain the charm. It is excellent if used against acne. It helps to clear blood thus prevents acne. Green tea also has some fat cutting properties thus helps in losing weight. It also removes sun-tan and prevents aging.

Pamper Yourself Twice A Week:

Treating the body with proper nutrients is very essential but ignoring the outer texture will decelerate the growth. Thus, having a proper morning and nighttime skincare routine is important. Investing in good skincare products is advisable.

Exfoliating skin twice a week removes dead skin cells and rejuvenate it.

Sun Protection:

Protecting the skin from the sun is important even if one is indoor. The harmful UV rays burn the skin and add age spots and dark patches. To avoid this, it is important to cover the face while out, using natural de-tan products on the skin on regular intervals and developing a habit of applying a sunscreen with 50+ SPF even if indoors.

Cleaning the Skin:

Some people have a very bad habit of not removing makeup while sleeping. Sleeping with makeup on is the harshest thing on the skin. Double cleansing is very necessary for this. Having a good retinol-based face wash will clean the pores and manage skin texture.

The last is a skin surgery. Many people choose this option to stop skin aging. While nothing is wrong with surgeries if they have no possible side effects. While it is already said that treating skin is only beneficial if you’re aware of the skin type. LED light therapies for face have no such issues and it stops skin aging, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Red-Light Therapy:

A Red-Light Therapy will use a lower wavelength of red light on the skin. It would penetrate deep into the 7 layers where skin cells absorb it and use it to build new cells. RLT is known to work best on many skin conditions like scarring, dark patches, fine lines, and wrinkles.

During an RLT the skin absorbs extra energy, with this, cells may respond better and grow a self-healing property. It improves the collagen production which maintains healthy skin, as with the self-healing property of cells, the wound develops faster, acne stops and skin grows an elastic strength.

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